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Intuitive multi-channel wireless. The Trantec S4.10-L-EB GD4 Lapel Microphone Wireless System provides you with sixteen selectable frequencies and up to ten simultaneous channels. Using fully synthesized PLL quartz technology, this S4.10 system boasts reliable and accurate frequency tuning, whilst the transmitter's infrared synchronization makes syncing quick and easy. Plus, two detachable antennas offer diversity operation, automatically switching between antennas A and B to provide you with the best possible wireless signal.


This system comes complete with an S4.10-BTX belt-pack transmitter, and an LP2 lavalier microphone. The LP2 can be clipped onto your clothing with ease using the included tie clip, whilst a smooth frequency response ensures outstanding vocal and speech reproduction. You can also use the transmitter with instruments using the included SJ-JAC guitar lead. The lead is equipped with a 3.5mm threaded mini-jack at one end to connect to your transmitter, and a 1/4'' jack at the other for your instrument. The transmitter is powered by a single AA battery with a life of up to 10 hours under normal operating conditions. With Trantec's reputation for innovation, performance, and reliability, a Trantec Wireless System is the perfect choice for a wide variety of applications.



  • Designed to make multi-channel wireless as simple as possible
  • 16-channel UHF system on license-free channel 70
  • Allows up to ten channels to be used simultaneously
  • Infrared signal synchronization - quick and easy to sync
  • A complete ready-to-use kit with intuitive operation
  • 16 selectable frequencies available
  • Fully synthesized PLL quartz tuning technology
  • Receiver LEDs display the AF peak level, RF level, and diversity channel A or B
  • Diversity operation with the included detachable antennas
  • Rugged and reliable metal enclosure
  • Belt-pack can be used with the included microphone or with the included SJ-JAC instrument cable
  • LP2 lavalier microphone easily clips onto clothing with the included tie-clip
  • Also includes a foam windshield for protection from wind noise and plosives
  • Balanced XLR and unbalanced 1/4'' jack audio outputs on the receiver
  • Can be rack-mounted using Trantec's S4.10 Rack Mount Panel (not included)





  • Modulation: Wideband FM
  • Frequency Range: UHF Channel 70, 863MHz - 865MHz
  • Tunable Frequencies: 25kHz steps
  • Switchable Channels: Four channels
  • Simultaneous Operated Channels: Four channels
  • Pilot Tone: 32.768kHz
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: <1 percent at 1kHz
  • Functions:
    • IR sync
    • Channel scan
    • Battery life information
  • Dynamic Range: >96dB(A)
  • Operating Range: Approx. 100m
  • Operating Temperature Range: -10°C to +50°C


S4.10-BTX Belt-pack Transmitter

  • Microphone Unit: LP2 lavalier microphone
  • RF Carrier Power: 10mW
  • Audio Frequency Response: 50Hz - 15kHz
  • Audio Input Level: -6dBV (maximum), mic gain 0dB
  • Battery Life: Approx. 10 hours
  • Power Supply: 1 x AA size alkaline battery, 1.5V
  • Finish: Resin, coating
  • Dimensions: 62mm x 100mm x 25mm (W x H x D) (with clip)
  • Weight: 85g (with battery)


S4.10-RXA Receiver

  • Diversity Reception: Antenna diversity
  • Sensitivity: 10uV at 45dBA S/N
  • Squelch:
    • Tone SQ
    • Carrier SQ
    • Noise SQ
  • Audio Frequency Response: 50Hz - 15kHz
  • Audio Output Level: (Maximum)
    • Balanced XLR Socket: 16dBu
    • Unbalanced 1/4'' Socket: 10dBu
  • Power Supply: 11 - 18VDC, 300mA
  • Dimensions: 215mm x 39mm x 102mm (W x H x D) (excluding antenna and BNC)
  • Weight: 480g

Trantec S4.10 Wireless Microphone

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