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Add some brightness to your tone! The Tombo harmonica Tremolo 21 is a fantastic harmonica for any keen musician. Boasting Tombo's premium Japanese craftsmanship alongside a choice of fantastic materials, the Tombo Tremolo harmonica is guaranteed to impress.


Inside the Tremolo harmonica you'll find the brass reeds. When you play a note, two reeds which are tuned slightly different produce the beautiful tremolo sound that you've come to know and love. These reeds are inside a plastic comb which offers fantastic moisture resistance, and are covered by the glistening stainless steel cover plates.


Tombo is one of the leading harmonica manufacturers in the world. They continue to advance the harmonica industry by constantly developing and innovating their products. This is why leading harmonica artists such as Lee Oskar have chosen to play on Tombo harmonicas.


Key Features

  • Gorgeous stainless steel cover plates
  • Corrosion-resistant plastic comb
  • Manufactured in Japan to ensure a premium build
  • Includes a plastic case

Tombo Band 21 G Sharp

SKU: 4536140019597
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