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The Fender blues deluxe harmonica is an instrument of quality. You'd expect nothing less than this from Fender, known for the top-quality build of their harmonicas. The Chromium plating of its cover is a high-standard, solid metal to protect its body. Neither will moisture damage your instrument internally, with a water-resistant ABS plastic comb. Enjoy a harmonica that you can keep with you long-term.


Create music you'll enjoy at any level of playing. The ABS plastic comb creates a bright sound and stable tuning too. Combine this with the quality of the Fender blues' brass reeds, and you'll come out with a rich tone perfect for any musical style. Once you're done playing, you can rest assured that your harmonica is airing out properly in its protective plastic casing, thanks to the included vented plastic case.


Key Features

  • A quality harmonica for any level
  • Repairs are quick and simple with replaceable brass reeds
  • Perfectly tuned in the key of E major
  • Keep your harp in top condition with a vented plastic case

The Blues Harmonica

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