Thomastik Spirocore Violin Strings

Thomastik Spirocore Violin Strings is specially designed to give violinist greater flexibility in their strings with less inertia and longer lasting vibrations. This set is one of the best steel string sets in the market right now, with a lot of customers that use them exclusively on their violins. They deliver a bright tone with a fast response that is equally effective bowed or pizzicato due to their spiral rope core and high quality windings.

Thomastik Spirocore Violin Strings summary:

  • Rope Core
  • Chrome/Aluminum Wound strings
  • Clear bright tone
  • Responsive playability
  • Ball end
  • Made in Austria

Multi-wire spiral rope steel core violin string set

Highly responsive, long lasting steel core strings

  • E: Aluminum wound/spiral rope core
  • A: Chrome wound/spiral rope core
  • D: Chrome wound/spiral rope core
  • G: Chrome wound/spiral rope core

Spirocore S15 Violin Strings

SKU: 9.00392E+12