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Key Features


  • Monel Flatwound
  • Nylon Core
  • Clear and Warm Tone
  • 84, 87, 104, 105 Gauge Strings


Rotosound RS4000 Flatwound Silked Double Bass Strings Overview


The Rotosound RS4000M Flatwound Silked Double Bass Strings are an exceptional high quality professional set of warm and bright double bass strings that are perfect for jazz and rockabilly playing styles. With their nylon on nylon core G & D strings and monel flatwound on a nylon core E & A strings, they allow for vast amounts of flexibility and versatility.


Full Description




  • Nylon Core
  • G & D Strings Nylon
  • A & E Strings Monel Flatwound
  • Long Life
  • British Made




  • String Gauges: 84, 105 , 87, 104

RotoSound Double Bass RS4000

SKU: 6.86E+11
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