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Royal by D'Addario Tenor Saxophone reeds are filed with a thinner profile and blank. Designed for advancing players, Royal by D'Addario offers an even response across all registers and even more tonal clarity. These reeds feature a stronger spine, allowing for more higher resonance and vibrant harmonics in your sound.


Full Description


Royal by D'Addario series

The Royal series of reeds are designed specifically to suit the student who has established their skills and is wanting to advance further. This series' main focus is to ensure clarity in your instrument's tone, as well as granting an easy response. The cane used is grown specifically using D'Addario's advanced techniques, resulting in excellent consistency when changing between reeds. The Royal reeds' thin profiles make them easier to play, so they're ideal for students seeking comfort. Each reed is individually wrapped to retain its freshness, whether it be on tour or in the home.


Different strengths to suit your needs

These reeds are available in a variety of reed strengths, from 1.5 (soft) to 5 (hard). With this range of options you are able to pick the best one to suit your style. Softer reeds are often easier to play through at lower volumes - they speak more easily and produce a bright sound. Harder reeds produce a darker and louder sound, however, they are harder to blow through and often need a well-developed embouchure in order to get the most out of them. They are great for high register playing though. There's no right or wrong reed strength, it's all about what works best for you - so experiment and you'll find the right one.



  • Strength: 1
  • Saxophone type: Tenor
  • Blank type: Thin
  • Filing: Filed

Rico Royal Reed 1 Tenor Saxophone

SKU: 046716101693
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