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Rico by D'Addario Bb Clarinet Reeds are ideal for developing musicians requiring a reliable sound and excellent playability. These reeds feature a thin, unfiled blank which results in a clear and quick response to your playing.


These reeds are a favourite amongst students in particular, as they vibrate very freely. They are also popular with professional jazz and pop musicians, thanks to their warm and clear tone. Ricos benefit from premium cane and precise manufacturing methods, ensuring a high level of consistency between each reed.


Key Features

  • More consistent than ever before
  • Works well for both classical and jazz applications
  • Affordable price and ideal for students
  • Rico cut is unfiled with thinner profile


Full Description

Rico by D'Addario series

The Rico by D'Addario series of reeds are ideal for students and developing musicians. The reeds are purpose-built to ensure ease of use, without compromising on a smooth playability. Rico reeds are made using laser technology for a more consistent playability between each model, as well as an accurate shape. This model has become an industry standard choice for tutors and students alike. The thinner blank and unfiled profile have an easy playability and instant response. Each reed is individually wrapped to retain its freshness for when you require it.


Different strengths to suit your needs

These reeds are available in a variety of reed strengths, from 1.5 (soft) to 3.5 (hard). With this range of options you are able to pick the best one to suit your style. Softer reeds are often easier to play through at lower volumes - they speak more easily and produce a bright sound. Harder reeds produce a darker and louder sound, however, they are harder to blow through and often need a well-developed embouchure in order to get the most out of them. They are great for high register playing though. There's no right or wrong reed strength, it's all about what works best for you - so experiment and you'll find the right one.



  • Strength: 1.5
  • Clarinet type: Bb
  • Blank type: Thin
  • Filing: Unfiled

Rico Royal Reed 1.5 Clarinet (Sold Separately)

SKU: 046716533227
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