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The Daddario J810 Prelude 4/4 Violin Strings are the preferred strings by both students and teacher alike. It is preferred because of its cost effectiveness as well as for its warm tone and responsive playability. This is due to the strings steel core design. These strings is unaffected by temperature and humidity.

They come in both 3/4 with a length of 12 and a quarter inches, and 4/4 with a length of 13 inches with medium tension.

D’addario J810 Prelude 4/4 Violin Strings Features:

  • Steel core
  • Warm tone
  • Excellent bow response
  • Unaffected by the weather
  • Affordable

String tension

Daddario J810 Prelude 4/4 Violin Strings Medium Tension

D’Addario’s first factory was in Lynbrook, New York, and the initial staff consisted of only five employees. As always, it was a real family operation with John, Sr., John, Jr. and James leading the company’s growth and business plans. James’ wife Janet helped to design packaging, heading up what would eventually become the company’s art department. The printing facility was still a strong support for the fledgling company, providing a steady source of income as the family developed their superior line of strings. The D’Addario reputation for service and quality served them well as they tapped into the market with their own products. Aggressive marketing strategies would help their product line gain popularity, and the staff of five quickly multiplied to fifteen.

John, Jr. and James were intent upon expanding the company’s product line. John, Sr. was a little cautious about growth and recognized that it was probably a sign that he should retire, as his own father had, and let his capable sons take the reigns. It was around this time in the early 1980s that D’Addario would complement its successful fretted line with the acquisition of the Kaplan Musical String Company, a long-established manufacturer of classical instrument strings.

The brothers embarked on a rigorous program of research and development. They created a world-renowned line of products in the field, establishing D’Addario as a premier manufacturer of bowed instrument strings. D’Addario’s guitar and bass strings were already a great success. The brand was continually gaining in popularity and securing a sizeable share of the market.

In 1984, the company would relocate to a larger facility to handle the increased demand for their product, and the production staff ballooned to 150 employees. This would not be the last time the company would find itself busting at the seams of its factory space. Operations have expanded on several occasions since, with the largest expansion in 1994, when the company relocated to a new 110,000-square foot facility in Farmingdale.

Today D’Addario & Company, Inc. occupies a total of 190,000-square feet at its Farmingdale headquarters.

Get your Daddario J810 Prelude 4/4 Violin Strings now.

D'Addario Prelude Violin Strings M

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