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Key Features

  • Chromatic Tuning Modes that Offer a Wide Range of Tuning Options
  • True Bypass
  • LED Display Gives you a Clearer Tuning View
  • Flat Tuning and A4 Range
  • Standard Pedal Size that can Easily Fit on any Pedalboard


The NUX PT-6 Guitar Pedal Tuner is a compact footswitch pedal that offers a wide range of chromatic tuning options. With its basic layout and bright LED display, the NUX PT-6 is extremely easy to use. The NUX PT-6 is also equipped with true bypass which allows you to quickly switch the signal in and out without latency or loss of tone. Complete in a sturdy black housing, the PT-6 is the must-have accessory for any guitarist wishing to achieve the optimum sound.

Nux Pedal Tuner PT-6

SKU: 885947100910
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