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The new Mini-Cajons from MEINL are fun to play and easy to carry. At 8 3/4" tall, these miniature cajons are much smaller than a standard sized instrument. They are made from Birch wood which is known for its excellent musical tone and their thin front plate offers an excellent response to even the lightest finger rolls. Enjoy a spontaneous jam session with the new Mini-Cajon from MEINL. It is also a great gift idea.



• Easy to carry around

• Extra thin front plate

• Great gift idea

• Built-in sizzle effect

• Sturdy rubber feet

• Compact size



Frontplate: Bubinga burl

Resonating body: Baltic Birch (Betula pendula)


WIDTH :  5 3/4″

HEIGHT: 8 3/4″

DEPTH: 5 3/4″

COLOUR: Bubinga Burl


Meinl Mini Cajon SCAJ1NT-BU

SKU: 840553082234
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