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Mention ukulele and most people envisage the classic and iconic soprano, the smallest in the adorable series of ukuleles.

Laka's range of soprano ukuleles are popular with players of all levels, literally all around the world, especially with players with small hands and children eager to explore the ‘wonderful world of the uke’.  

The Laka VUS5N Soprano Ukulele is perfect for newcomers to the never ending popularity of these fun instruments, this particular model is also a firm favourite for amateurs and professional players. Along with the added attraction of this cute instrument’s sonic versatility is, like all Laka ukes, its extreme portability.

How can a uke with a body this size play and sound so good?
Because it’s made the way only Laka know how.  

The Laka VUS5N ukulele features a sapele top and body, an okoume neck, black walnut fingerboard and bridge. A smooth satin, open-pore finish with a thin layer of lacquer preserves and enhances the natural acoustic properties of theses popular tonewoods. 

With closed back, silver plated machine heads ensuring accurate intonation and tuning stability, the Laka VUS5N Concert Ukulele is alive and vibrant, living up to the original ‘jumping flea’ theme behind the name ukulele. Ready to go in a cool see-thru Natural stain.   

• Top: Sapele
• Back & Sides: Sapele
• Neck: Okoume
• Tuners: Closed Silver Plated
• Fingerboard & Bridge: Black Walnut
• Strings: Aquila
• Laka Carry Bag Included

Soprano Ukulele Tuning: G, C, E, A

Laka VUS5N Soprano Ukulele

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