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Key Features

  • Practical and well-designed quality
  • Embodies Kun's vision of the most ergonomically-correct shoulder rest
  • Enjoy durability and comfort with a thermoplastic frame and a soft sponge rubber pad
  • Secure your shoulder rest with sturdy T-shaped feet


Kun Original Violin Shoulder Rest, 4/4, Black Overview

The Kun Original violin shoulder rest is the go-to shoulder rest for a comfortable hold. Lightweight and strong in the thermoplastic frame, its contoured shape will match to your shoulder, not the other way around. With a soft sponge rubber pad and a fully adjustable height, the Kun Original is known to improve a player's posture.


Make a stress-free addition to your playing. The Original's T-shaped feet offer a secure hold on the base of your violin without restricting the projection of your sound. Surrounded by rubber, they are gentle both on the surface of your instrument and to anything else when it is packed away in your case. Transport your lightweight shoulder rest with ease.


Full Description


About Kun

Led by Marina Kun since 1975, Kun shoulder rests have continued to set the standard in shoulder rest design and technology. Kun's strategy is simple and rigorous: they combine high quality with creativity and technical innovation to provide products perfect for players of all abilities. These notably include their patented system to prevent the shoulder rest itself touching the viola allowing for maximum resonance of the instrument, as well as producing adjusters to enable players to alter the width of the rest to the instrument in question.



  • Frame material: Strong thermoplastic
  • Violin scale size: 4/4
  • Padding material: Soft sponge rubber
  • Adjustment: Simple mechanisms for fully adjustable height

Kun Shoulder Rest 4/4

SKU: 673521003005
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