Hinersine Rosin for Violin - Deluxe - 6VM



Considered by many as the Deluxe option, Hidersine 6V Rosin is a Premium Dark Rosin offering superior levels of grip and articulation.

Chosen by a host of professional musicians, Hidersine 6V strikes a fantastic balance between grip and subtlety of expression. The core of the rosin offers enviable levels of grip (Grip Profile Rating: GPR#6) and good levels of attack, the slightly softer makeup also allows for a little more articulation.

Based on one of Francis Hider’s most famed historic recipes, 6V rosin is noticeably different to the competition, and offers you, the player, a genuine tonal choice.

This Hidersine Rosin is made in England, United Kingdom in the same way as always: An Artisanal process of hand-mixing and hand-pouring.



  • Instrument: Violin
  • Type: Dark / Soft
  • Suitable for: More Advanced Players. Grade 6+
  • Sound Characteristic: Rich and Articulate.
  • Grip Profile Rating (1: Low Grip/ 10: High Grip): GPR #6
  • Temperature Profile: Temperate to Colder Climates
  • Primary constituents: Colophon, Natural Waxes
  • Cake Size: Large
  • Cake Weight: 30g (approx)
  • Country of Origin: England, United Kingdom
  • Manufacture process: Historic / Artisanal (Hand-mixed, Hand-poured)
  • Master Box Quantity: 10 pcs



Commodity Code 9209920000
Manufacturer Hidersine
Country of Origin UK
Barcode 5036678003314
Master Carton 10
Instrument Type Violin



Height (CM) 3.8
Width (CM) 5.6
Depth (CM) 5.6
Weight (Kg) 0.052

Hindersine Rosin for Violin - Deluxe - 6VM

SKU: 5036678003314