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CONTENTS 1 x Gigantic Piano Keyboard Please note: this product requires, but does not include, 4 AA batteries. BEFORE USE Install the batteries

1. Unscrew the battery compartment.

2. Install four AA batteries, observing the polarity indicated.

3. Switch the keyboard on.


1. We suggest that you walk on the keyboard wearing socks. We recommend that shoes be removed. Make sure the keyboard does not come into contact with sharp or pointed objects e.g. buckles.

2. Upon switching the keyboard on, a prompt tone can be heard.

3. To play, press ‘Play’ button (top right of keyboard - see above).

4. To record, press ‘Record’ button (centre of top of keyboard). A prompt tone will sound and the light on the keyboard will illuminate to indicate that the keyboard is recording. The keyboard is able to record an eight note melody; the recording will end after eight notes have been played. If you wish to delete what you have recorded, press the ‘Record’ button again.

5. To play back what you’ve recorded, press the ‘Play Back’ button.

6. To play an automated song, press the ‘Demo Mode’ button. A prompt tone will sound and the light on the keyboard will illuminate. Press any of the black keys to play a song (the ten black keys will play ten different songs).

These are: 1. Toreador 2. For Elise 3. Red River Valley 4. In Tow 5. Gavotte 6. Yankee Doodle 7. Clap Hands 8. Minuet 9. Bell Ring 10. Waltz 11. The keyboard will go into ‘Sleep’ mode if it has not been used for three minutes. Press any key to continue. 12. Adjust the volume as required using the Volume + and – buttons.

The keyboard may be rolled up when not in use

SPECIFICATION 24 keys Size: 180 x 80cm

Gigantic Piano Keyboard

SKU: 5060113896346
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