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Evans G1 Coated Drum Head, 8'' Overview

The Evans G1 Coated Drum Head, 8'' is a highly versatile and warm head that works in any genre. A single-ply construction, its tone is open with a moderate sustain. The 10mil film is highly durable, offering an extended lifespan that is great in the studio or on stage. A white coating adds additional depth and warmth with a focused sound. Highly versatile in a range of tunings, it produces a low rumble when tunes low that brings out the sound of the shell.


Key Features

  • Single-ply coated head for versatile tones
  • Produces an open tone with brightness and sensitivity thanks to a 10mil film
  • Coated finish adds warmth, depth and enhances a low rumble when tuned low
  • Made in the USA

Evans B08 G1 Coated

SKU: 019954516314
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