Key Features


  • Beautifully bright tone and excellent articulation
  • Robust and reliable thanks to special Nanoweb coating
  • Luscious feel with phosphor bronze material
  • Get the most from your acoustic


Elixir E16102 Phosphor Bronze Nanoweb Medium, 13-56 Overview


The Elixir E16102 Phosphor Bronze Nanoweb Medium are the elixir of life when it comes to durability - they're sure to help your guitar sound its best. Offering a bright, smooth tone, they'll bring your notes to life, and ensure that the full voice of your instrument can be heard. The Nanoweb coating offers exceptional protection against dust, grime, and sweat, massively prolonging the life and tone of these strings. And the feel is exceptional - your fingers will slide over them with ease. If you want the best performance from your instrument, these will not let you down.


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  • Product Code: E16182
  • Gauges: .013, .017, .026, .035, .045, .056

Elixer 13/56 PB NW E16102

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