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Elixir E11100 Polyweb Medium Acoustic Guitar Strings, 13-56 Overview

Fantastic feel, timeless tone. The Elixir E11100 Polyweb Medium Acoustic Guitar Strings boast an extended life in every single way. And once you've played, you won't look back. This is your acoustic-playing future, with playability and delicious sonic character that will stay firmly embedded in your brain for years to come. Durable, reliable, and superbly strong. There's simply nothing to get in the way of your persona with Elixir.

Made from 80/20 bronze with Elixir's distinctive Polyweb coating. These E11100 Acoustic Strings are long-lasting with an incredibly indulgent tone. And, they're coated in such a unique way, that not even every day contaminants can stop you playing. This is thanks to a strong, flexible polymer tube that guards the most critical part of the string. Allowing the E11100's to rumble with sonic richness for many performances to come. Plus, the iconic polyweb coating makes gliding up and down the fingerboard utterly effortless. Experience strings that feel as good as new, every time you play.

Elixer 13/56 B PW

SKU: 733132111008
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