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Key Features


  • D'Addario's most innovative string yet...
  • Experience a superior feel - as smooth as silk
  • Light gauge is perfect for any player seeking slinky playability
  • Infused with world renowned D'Addario quality for an incredibly long-lasting lifespan


D'Addario XSAPB1253 Acoustic Phosphor Bronze, Light, 12-53 Overview


The D'Addario XSAPB1253 Acoustic Phosphor Bronze strings proudly boast a feel smoother than ever before with an exceptionally long-lasting lifespan. So if you're suffering from dull tone or simply broken a string, then you've come to the right place, as these XSAPB1253 strings are also D'Addario's most innovative coated string yet.


With an exclusive Fusion Twist design, an ultra film coating, and a unique polymer treatment as well, the D'Addario XS Strings offer a premium level of protection. They're immensely durable. Reap the benefit of unmatched strength, impeccable tuning stability, and a feel like no other. You won't look back. World renowned D'Addario quality and revolutionary design awaits.


Full Description




  • Product: D'Addario XSAPB1253 Acoustic Phosphor Bronze, Light, 12-53
  • Product Code: XSAPB1253
  • Material: Phosphor Bronze w/ Steel High Carbon Core and Plain String Wire to create 'Fusion Twist'
  • Gauge: Light, 12-53
  • For Guitar Type: Acoustic

D'Addario XS 12/53

SKU: 019954337612
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