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Key Features


  • A beautifully balanced tone that encompasses wondrous warmth and brightness
  • Exceptional versatility lends itself to all musical styles
  • D'Addario's best-selling acoustic guitar strings
  • Incredible durability is offered by phosphor coating and high carbon steel core


D'Addario EJ16 Phosphor Bronze, Light, 12-53 Overview


The D'Addario EJ16 Phosphor Bronze strings are wonderfully comfortable to play, offering an abundance of volume and projection whilst always retaining a rich, balanced sound. It's no wonder they are D'Addario's most popular string set, they have been refining the Phosphor Bronze range since 1974. Delivering both warmth and brightness, you'll have dazzling tonal versatility at your fingertips, perfect for a range of styles.


Designed to prevent corrosion, the phosphor coating ensures unparalleled durability and protects the carefully drawn, hexagonally shaped high carbon steel core. Such a meticulous construction produces strings that are long-lasting and have excellent intonation. Better still, they will arrive in environmentally friendly, corrosion-resistant packaging, so you can be sure that they'll be fresh and ready to play.


Full Description




  • Product Code: EJ16
  • Gauge: .012, .016, .024, .032, .042, .053
  • Material: Phosphor Bronze Coating, High Carbon Steel Core

D'Addario EJ16

SKU: 019954121143
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