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The Boston MSL-504 is a competitively priced 2-headed desk lamp with 2 LEDs per lamp. Each head can be turned on and off separately by means of a switch. You can use the flexible swan necks in all directions with both lights separately and direct and use them according to your own preferences.

The MSL-504 uses a clamp to attach to the desk of a lectern, for example. Of course, more applications are possible, such as lighting your mixer or your laptop.
The MSL-504 can also be used without clamp, because the bottom of the clamp serves as a base for placing the lamp on a horizontal surface.

The MSL-504 comes with 3 AAA batteries and a USB connector for direct power supply of eg a laptop or other USB charger.



  • Music Stand Dual Twin LED Lights
  • Clamp Mount and USB Power Cable
  • Black
  • 3xAAA 1.5v Included

Boston Music Stand Light MSL-504

SKU: 00335935
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