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High quality banjo, mahogany resonator & rim. brass tone ring, 16 tension hooks.


Product Features

  • Mahogany neck, Ovangkol fingerboard with 15 frets
  • Maple bridge with ebony top, plastic top nut
  • Planetary pegs, 8" Remo head, ABS binding, gloss finish


Product Specifications

  • Top nut width: 35mm
  • Scale length: 350mm
  • Width at 12th fret: 43mm
  • Rim depth: 63mm
  • Rim width: 203mm
  • Resonator depth: 40mm
  • Resonator width: 254mm
  • Overall length: 585mm:
  • Made in: China
  • Model No: AB-48U

Ashbury Uku / Banjo Resonator

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