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Vater Buzz Kill are easy to use drum and cymbal dampeners that have been designed to control any unwanted over ring and tone you might want to eradicate from your sound. Each Buzz Kill can be easily cut to any size, allowing you the ability to achieve your desired size of dampener that works best for you. They are reusable and are easily moved from place to place should you wish to change up where you place your dampeners. A major perk to this product is that the reusable nature allows them to be moved around to suit the desired sound, not only that they are just as suitable for a beginner wanting to experiment with the benefits dampeners can bring a drummer. They are also easily cleaned with water when they become dirty or weathered with time.


Available in both Buzz Kill and Buzz Kill Extra Dry, the differences are subtle, Buzz Kill Extra Dry has more weight and mass than the original Buzz Kill, which makes it an ideal choice for larger drums. Both Original Buzz Kill and Buzz Kill Extra Dry can be used on both batter and resonant drumheads, as well as cymbals, when added to a ride cymbal for example, it will drastically reduce the wash and overtones and produce dry, articulate sticking. Ordinary Buzz Kill features 6 discs, whilst Buzz Kill Extra Dry features 4 domes, the difference may look and read subtle, but it makes all the difference to your sound.



  • Drum and Cymbal Dampening System
  • Control over Ring and Tone
  • For use on Drum and Cymbals
  • Removes unwanted overtones
  • Used for Sound Control
  • Easily Cut
  • Super Tacky
  • Reusable
  • Easily Cleaned
  • Perfect for Live/Studio Settings
  • Available in Ordinary (6 Buzz Kill Discs) or Extra Dry (4 Buzz Kill Domes)

Vater Buzz Kill Drum & Cymbal Dampening System VBuzz

SKU: 641652669018
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