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Product Description


Invented by guitarist Rick Parfitt of legendary UK rockers Status Quo, The Facelift is a true, innovative original; a one-stop guitar makeover.


Intrigued by the concept of how to change the appearance of any guitar, Rick and his business partner, Mike Hrano, worked together to develop and achieve a solution.

The result is a removable, reusable vinyl guitar overlay.


A durable yet disposable product which combines precise technical specification, creative engineering – and startling simplicity. It can be used and re-used. Coated in -low tack- adhesive, The Facelift is non-slip; it will rock, but it will never roll.


It can be applied in seconds to instantly transform the look of any guitar, whether a brand new model or a tried and tested older instrument.

It-s economical yet immediately effective.

The Facelift Leopard Overlay

SKU: 5060127310050
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