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Recently launched onto the guitar market, the Facelift is the brainchild of Status Quo guitarist, Rick Parfitt, who came up with the idea after being intrigued by the concept of how to instantly change the appearance of any guitar.


The result is a carefully-manufactured removable vinyl guitar body overlay. Durable yet disposable, the Facelift combines precise technical specifications, creative engineering and startling simplicity.


Best of all it can be used and re-used!

Coated in 'low tack' adhesive, The Facelift is non-slip when applied; it will rock, but never roll. It can be applied in seconds to instantly transform the look of any guitar, whether a brand new model or a tried and tested older instrument. It's economical yet immediately effective.


The Facelift has been developed to fit Telecaster® body shapes, and is easily adjusted to accommodate the many variations of these designs.

The Facelift Combat Overlay

SKU: 5060127310012
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