Gold Foil Mini Humbucker Size with �S� Cover - SGM11M - Middle

The Supro Gold Foil pickup is a faithful reproduction of the original �Clear Tone� units found in the Chicagomade�Supro guitars and basses from the early 60s. These high-output single coil pickups use a unique �Field�Coil��design (no pole pieces) to provide a clear, broadband tone that is suitable for both guitar and bass. Supro Gold�Foil pickups contain authentic vintage coil construction, housed in a standard humbucker case. The bridge�pickup is over-wound for extra output and the neck pickup is reverse-wound for hum-cancelling operation�when combined with the bridge unit. Like all Supro single coil designs, the entire baseplate and cover of the�pickup is magnetized, providing ultra-low-noise performance from a single coil pickup

Supro Mini Gold Foil Pickup - Middle


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