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The D'Addario Reserve Classic German 2.5 Bb Clarinet Reeds feature a modern playability for the developed musician. The Classic German reeds have a lower-internode cane material that maintains a consistent response. The reeds are ideal for live ensembles due to their unfiled design that increases volume output. This model has a 2.5 reed strength for a stable projection with the ability to achieve expressive vibrato. The Classic German reeds each undergo a treatment process that ensures each has a consistent performance. 


Key Features

  • 2.5 Strength Produces Versatile Responses
  • Low-Internode Cane for Improved Durability
  • Unfiled for a Louder Projection
  • Suited to Symphonic and Solo Musicians
  • Narrow Blank for Increased Articulation


Full Description


Reserve Series

The Reserve series of clarinet reeds combine a classic style with modern playability. The reeds use D’Addario’s specific cane which undergoes thorough checks to ensure each reed has a premium quality. The reeds are made using a digital cutting device, ensuring consistency and a high quality with every reed. The Reserve’s 10-pack box is ideal for musicians who are gigging or frequently playing. This series’ tonal characteristics include a generally warm sound with balanced frequencies and a stable pitch. The spine of these reeds has been weighted to contrast the narrow rail, resulting in increased dynamics. The Reserve series is ideal for advancing musicians requiring a reliable, strong sounding reed for the Bb clarinet.



  • Strength: 2.5
  • Clarinet Type: Bb
  • Thickness: Narrow Classic
  • Filing: Unfiled
  • Corner Profile: Straight
  • Style: Blank

Rico Reserve Reed 2.5 Clarinet (Sold Separately)

SKU: 046716574572
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