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Nashville GSA-60-SB: more than just a beginner's guitar!
For beginners who are looking for an acoustic guitar, there's roughly 2 options:
The classical guitar and the western guitar. The classical guitar has nylon strings which produces a round, warm sound and it has a wider neck than the western guitar.
The western guitar has steel strings, usually a larger body, a louder sound and is usually used in pop, country and rock music.

The Nashville GSA-60 series is grouped under the category western guitars and is an ideal instrument for beginners and hobbyists who don't want to spend too much money on an instrument but are looking for something extra.
Fingerboard and bridge are made of South American roupana. The nickel frets (usually only found in the higher price range guitars)

Model: auditorium
Top wood: laminated spruce
Back and sides wood: basswood
Fingerboard and bridge: South American roupana
Machine heads : diecast
Bridge saddle : compensated
Topnut : plastic

Scale length: 580mm
Top nut width: 41mm
12th fret width: 53mm

Nashville Auditorium Guitar - Sunbrust

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