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Performer Series

Regal Tip's family of artists have worked with us to produce models that meet their specific playing needs. We are proud of these artists and the products that we have created by working together.



Diameter: 0.580"

Length: 16"

Model #: 205R-GR

-Oval Wood tip

-Long taper

-Thin neck


This variation of a Regal Tip 5A (205R) sports an oval tip, and a more severe taper, resulting in the stick having whats called a "rear balance".  The thinner taper also provides more flex and faster response.  The groove won't be hard to find with this stick.


Barcode #653382032352
BrandRegal Tip


Regal Tip C.Bisquera "Groovers" 205R-GR

SKU: 653382032352
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