For the young student who wants to start on a brass instrument and the gigging�trumpet player who needs to take a practice instrument on the road with them.
The pocket trumpet features a bell and lead pipe in rose brass and a handy�throw on the main tuning slide to fine tune as you play.
� Rose brass bell and lead pipe
� Brass tuning slides
� Throwable main tuning slide
� Stainless steel valves
� Water key
� Mouthpiece 7C Included
� Clear lacquered finish
� Bell diameter: 93.20mm/3.7"
� Bore size: 11.65mm/0.45"
� Zero-gravity �backpack� hard foam case Canvas covered, plush lined with shoulder straps
� Accessories: Gloves, cleaning cloth

Odyssey Premiere 'Bb' Pocket Trumpet Outfit


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