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Key Features

  • Luxurious cornet design
  • High-quality construction for serious musicians
  • Comes with excellent Denis Wick mouthpiece
  • Includes protective case and maintenance accessories


Odyssey OCR900 Premiere Silver Plated Cornet Overview


The Odyssey Premiere Cornet is an ideal instrument for the advancing student. Built with a silver-plated brass body and gold-plated details, it has a gorgeous aesthetic - matched only by its crisp and vibrant tone. A 119mm bell diameter grants this horn a powerful projection, making it well-suited for playing melodic lines in ensembles as well as solo work.


This horn comes included with an excellent, hand-built Denis Wick mouthpiece, offering fantastic comfort and consistency - as well as a robust backpack-style instrument case and quality accessories for maintaining your instrument

Odyssey Premier Bb Cornet Outfit Sliver Plated

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