Our entry level Bouzouki the 200SP features a Spruce top and Sapele back and sides with Rosewood fingerboard and Mahogany neck .


Case Included 


A sublte satin finsish lends these instrument a simple stripped down aesthethic without sacrifing tone or playability giving you a great value for money entry point for those looking for a sublte yet flexible accompaniement istrument that occupies a uniqe place in Irish Music . 


Usually used as a modal accompaniement instrument the Irish Bouzouki is usually tuned GDAD which provides the most flexible tunning for accompanying Irish and other ethnic musics. 


If you plan to use your Bouzouki for playing tunes then you should consider changing the tunning slightly to GDAE , this will give you a tunning 1 octave below Violin but with the same finger, something which leand itself very well to so many of the classic Irish tunes which originated on fiddle. 

McBrides Bouzouki + Case

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