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This Deep tunable bodhrán by Hudson boasts a stunning natural finish and produces a rich, warm tone. The tuning mechanism is built into the frame and is hand adjustable and as a result the frame is light and has a black wood finish. The sustainably sourced goatskin has been hand selected and is specially cured and treated to produce a resonant deep underlying tone.

This is a bodhrán that will allow any player to reach their full potential. This pack includes a deluxe padded bodhran gig bag along with a beater to get you started.


Crafted from the highest quality sustainable wood, this bodhrán offers superb resonance and depth of tone, as well as a rich bass sound.

The quality hand-selected goatskin ensures a warm, vibrant tone. The 16" Tunable Bodhrán is perfect for any level of player, especially those at the beginner to intermediate stage. This deep, 16" bodhran produces a remarkable tone and the tuning system allows for greater tonal control allowing you to adapt the instrument to its surroundings.


A great sounding bodhran must have a high quality authentic goat skin. This bodhran's skin is a AA quality Professional goat skin with a tone damper tape around the frame and skin, Reducing the overspills and giving a clear deep tone.

You can be reassured that your bodhran will produce the highest quality sound possible.



  • Deep shell for a full, rich sound
  • Dampening layer around the rim reduces overtones
  • Tunable head for direct personalisation
  • Able to apply direct hand pressure to use pitch bending techniques



  • Brand: Hudson
  • Model: HB-1655B
  • Size: 16" x 5.5"
  • Skin: Professional Graded AA Goatskin
  • Rim Depth: 5.5”
  • Diameter: 16”
  • Hand-Tuning System: 6 Individual internal Tuners


Hudson 16" x 5" Tunable Bodhran Black

SKU: Hudson 16" Tunable Bodhran Black
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