Bass Boomers from GHS are among the most popular types of strings currently used by electric bass players. This 5-string set of 5ML-DYB Medium Light Bass Boomers delivers the classic power-string sound with brilliance, volume, and sustain, ideal for players who are tuning lower and adding more strings for a broader tonal spectrum.
Made with nickel-plated steel tightly wrapped around a steel hex core, these strings produce a warm and balanced tone with plenty of punch. Their extra core strength makes them durable and long-playing.

Medium Light roundwound electric bass 5-string set made with nickel-plated steel wrapped tightly around a steel hex core wire
Long-scale strings with 36.5" winding length
Balanced brightness and warmth, with punch - ideal for rock and funk
Extra core strength for durability
Produces lasting sustain
Made in the USA

GHS Bass Strings 5ML DYB


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