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Key Features

  • Single-ply resonant head offers controlled, accurate responses on any snare
  • 3mm thickness responds to a range of dynamics, ideal for a range of genres
  • Incorporates Level 360 Technology for great shell connection and tuning capabilities
  • Manufactured in the USA to high industry standards


Evans Clear 300 Snare Side Drum Head, 8 Inch Overview

The Evans Snare Side Hazy 300 Drumhead 8'' is their best selling snare side head. Working in a variety of genres and on any drum set, the single-ply 3mil film offers accurate and dynamic range with powerful projection. Offering a controlled snare response, the Hazy 300 Snare Side head integrates Evans' Level 360 Technology to make tuning easier, extended and to create the ideal tone for your drum. This is thanks to it's vertically enhanced collar design that guarantees a flush and even fit with the shell, transferring as much of your stroke as possible to the shell.

Evans 8" Snare Side

SKU: 019954947781
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