Not all guitar strings are created equal. Even after just a few hours of play, dirt, sweat, skin oils and other debris will build up between the string's windings, causing corrosion in the metal. The result is a noticeable "deadening" of the string's tonal quality, which can happen very quickly with uncoated strings.

Elixir Phosphor Bronze strings begin with anti-rust plated plain steel strings that are corrosion resistant. They provide a clean feel and bright, vibrant tone. Both the steel core and its phosphor bronze winding are then treated with Elixir's patented Nanoweb thin polymer coating that completely envelops the entire string. This results in a long-lasting, rich tone with more audible high-frequency harmonics. The ultra-thin Nanoweb gives you the natural feel of untreated strings without sacrificing that important protection. This revolutionary product is a great value, as it means a dynamic and lively sound with less frequent string changes and fewer string purchases.

PN	Gauge	E	B	G	D	A	E
16002	Extra Light	010	014	023w	030w	039w	047w
16027	Custom Light	011	015	022w	032w	042w	052w
16052	Light	012	016	024w	032w	042w	053w
16077	Light–Medium	012	016	024w	035w	045w	056w
16182	HD Light	013	017	025w	032w	042w	053w
16102	Medium	013	017	026w	035w	045w	056w

Elixir Strings Acoustic 16102 Phosphor Bronze