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DESCRIPTION of Audio Converter

  • Digital to Analog Audio Converter
  • AKA Toslink / SPDIF / Digital Coaxial to RCA / Phono / 3.5mm Audio Adapter
  • Contents
    • 1x Audio Converter
    • 1x USB Power Cable
    • 1x Toslink Cable
    • 1x Female 3.5mm to Male RCA Stereo Cable
  • Colour: Black
  • Inputs
    • SPDIF / Toslink (Digital Optical)
    • Digital Coaxial
    • 5Vdc Socket
  • Output
    • 2x RCA (RED / WHITE) Sockets
  • Optional Purchase: 5Vdc Phone Charger
    • Brand New But Possibly Minor Cosmetic Imperfections / Dust From Storage
  • Important Notes: The SPDIF input must be stereo PCM, please configure the output of your device to this
  • It only supports 2.1 Channels, it won't work with Dolby 5.1
  • Please set your audio output to PCM or LPCM


USES of Audio Converter

  • Use to convert an SPDIF / Toslink / Digital Coax input into an analogue RCA / Phono / 3.5mm audio output
  • Can be useful where you do not have enough digital inputs on your sound system
  • Could also be helpful, when trying to connect up newer AV equipment with older audio systems


Digital to Analogue Audio Converter

SKU: 373212705
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