Sometimes you just have to pick up an electric guitar, plug it in and play... whether to play along with songs you�re listening to on your laptop, or if you simply need to express the raging anarchy in your soul... The Hodad is a powerful mini-amp for practice or back stage tune-ups with a novel twin speaker format that angles the sound in a divergent fashion, giving a spread of sound � relatively speaking, of course.

� Input Socket
� Tremolo Switch
� Echo Switch
� Tone Control
� Gain Control
� Headphone Socket
� LED Power Indicator
� Tremolo Speed Control
� Volume Control - On/Off Switch
� DC9V Input (Adaptor not supplied)
� Battery Driven (9V battery supplied) 
� 340g Weight
� 133mm (w) x 120mm (h) x 63mm (d)

Danelectro Hodad Mini Amp