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Prelude violin strings, 1/16 scale

The D'Addario J810 1/16M Prelude Medium Violin Strings 1/16 are a set of violin strings with a medium tension. Prelude violin strings are constructed using a solid steel core and are generally unaffected by temperature and humidity changes, thereby delivering an excellent bow response. Prelude strings produce a very warm sound, promising durability and value. Scaled to fit a 1/16-size violin with a playing length of 216mm, these medium tension strings are optimised to the needs of a majority of players. Each string is packaged in a uniquely-designed sealed pouch that provides unparalleled protection from corrosion.

The main features of the D'Addario J810 1/16M Prelude Medium Violin Strings 1/16 include:

  • For: 1/16-Scale Violin
  • Core: Solid Steel
  • Winding: A – Aluminium; D – Nickel; G – Nickel
  • Tension: Medium
  • Playing Length: 216mm
  • Gauge: .066-.063-.071-.104

D'Addario Prelude 1/16 Violin Strings

SKU: 019954162078
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