Start with Casio. Your piano playing experience can begin with Casio's CT X700 portable keyboard. Fully equipped with a range of functions to be explored. The X700 is the first of the new CT-X range. Action packed with a range of functions that allow you to take control of your playing experience. Adjust the touch sensitivity, reverb, pitch, until you find a response of your individual preference. Take advantage of the USB host capabilities, and the powerful AiX Sound Source. Carefully engineered to offer you a dynamic playing experience.


The Casio CT X700 is equipped with a range of educational functions that lend themselves to your independent learning and development. Learn a range of new songs in your own time and space, with the in-built piano lessons functions and song bank with over 150 songs. Track and record your drum beats or compositions, then link the CT X700 to a computer or any other devices via MIDI and USB. With Casio, you have everything you need to begin your piano playing journey!

Casio CT X700


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