The alternative to harness

Evenly disperses weight over shoulders (Reduce the strain on the neck muscle).
Cotton pad on top of neck protects neck and absorbs perspiration.
Made of fine European leather fast and secure adjustment.
Double stitching for double security.
Suitable for lto, Tenor & Baritone Saxophones.
Metal Hook perfect hook for doublers to change quickly.
BG recommends only METAL HOOK for marching bands and baritone.

MATERIAL:� Leather Cotton padding, Sling
CONCEPT:� Neck Strap
FINISHING:� Cut and hand burned felt
COLOUR:� Black
FOR:� Male
COMFORT:� Cotton padding
ADVANTAGES:� Evenly disperses weight over shoulders
HOOK:� 1 metal hook
INSTRUMENTS:� Alto, Tenor Sax

BG Alto & Tenor Sax Leather Yoke Strap ~ Metal Hook