Studio quality sounds with minimal effort required. Thanks to the Behringer XENYX Q802USB USB Mixer you'll be able to achieve premium-quality sounds with very little effort. The mixer features two state of the art, phantom-powered XENYX preamps, offering ultra-low noise and high headroom.


Hark back to the golden days of recording with the sublimely musical British EQ. Providing you with incredible analog warmth, oozing with tonnes of detail and character. The easy to use 'one knob' compressor provides total control over the dynamic range of your performance whilst giving lots of punch and clarity. Whether you're in the studio or on stage, the Q802USB will excel in any application.



  • Premium ultra-low noise, high headroom analog mixer
  • 2 state-of-the-art XENYX mic preamps comparable to stand-alone boutique preamps
  • Studio-grade compressors with super-easy ''one-knob'' functionality and control LED for professional vocal and instrument sound
  • Built-in stereo USB/audio interface to connect directly to your computer
  • Free audio recording, editing and podcasting software plus 150 instrument/effect plug-ins downloadable at
  • Neo-classic ''British'' 3-band EQs for warm and musical sound
  • 1 post fader FX send per channel for external FX devices
  • 1 stereo aux return for FX applications or as seperate stereo input
  • Main mix output plus seperate control room, phones and 2-track outputs
  • 2-track inputs assignable to main mix or control room/phones outputs
  • Designed and engineered in Germany

Behringer Q802 USB