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Aquarian SKII24 24'' Super Kick II Clear Bass Drum Head


If you're looking for a bass drumhead with phenomenal tone, Soundattak's got something to show you! The 24" Super-kick II from Aquarian Drumheads will arm your kick drum with a sharp, focused sound that cuts through the rest of the band. On top of that, thanks to its two 7-mil plies, the Super-kick II is seriously tough, durable enough to handle any beating that you can dish out. You can't go wrong with the Aquarian Drumheads 24" Super-kick II!


Aquarian Drumheads - helping drummers play music since 1980


Roy Burns and Ron Marquez founded Aquarian Drumheads on the philosophy that the drummer is the most important person, and that the aspiring player is the future of their business. Prior to forming Aquarian Drumheads, Roy was a world-famous big band drummer, teacher, and clinician. Ron was a systems analyst and manufacturing plant manager. The combination of Roy's drumming experience and Ron's technology background has helped Aquarian Drumheads to develop numerous innovative products, as well as a unique scientific approach to manufacturing.

Aquarian Bass Drumhead SKII24

SKU: 220414
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