Antoni ‘Debut’ Violin Outfit
• Antoni ‘Debut’ Violin Outfit
• Two-piece figured hand carved solid maple back
• Solid maple ribs
• Double purfling
• Solid spruce hand carved table
• Satin finish maple neck with gloss finish scroll
• High gloss antique brown varnish
• Ebonised hardwood fingerboard and nut
• Ebonised hardwood tuning pegs
• Lightweight alloy tailpiece with integral adjustable fine tuners
• Ebonised hardwood endpin
• Dresden pattern ebonised hardwood chinrest
• Maple fitted bridge
• Round Brazilwood bow with white tip nickel silver winding
and leather lapping fitted with natural white horse hair
• Decorative mounted ebonised hardwood frog with nickel silver
ferrule, inlaid eye and screw
• Shaped ‘nil-gravity’ hard foam case with integral cover
incorporating large external music pocket and shoulder strap
• Emerald green plush lined fitted interior and lid with internal
accessory pocket, twin bow holder and overlay cloth
• Rosin
Available sizes 1/4, 1/2, 3/4

Full Sized
Violin Outfit
3/4 Sized
Violin Outfit
1/2 Sized
Violin Outfit
1/4 Sized
Violin Outfit
1/8 Sized
Violin Outfit

Antoni 'Debut' Violin Outfit