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Audio cable with 3.5 mm stereo TRS plug and two female XLR plugs, all by REAN ©; the plain shielded audio cable stands out because of optimal audio values and rugged construction. For connection of pocket recorders or other devices with a 3.5 mm jack input.


Item No.: K4YWFF0180

Product type: Pre-assembled Cables

Type: Audio cable

Cable Length: 1.8 m

Color: Black

Cable diameter: 4.3 mm

Cross section: 0.22 mm²

Connector 1-A: XLR

Gender of connector 1-A: female

Poles of connector 1-A: 3

Contacts of connector 1-A: silver plated

Manufacturer of connector 1-A: Rean

Model number connector 1-A: RC3F

Adam Hall Cable K4YWFF0180

SKU: 4049521119910
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